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My name is Laura Girgis and this blog is dedicated to giving informative and unbiased reviews on trampolines and other various kinds of backyard games. I wanted there to be a site where anyone could go to and feel confident, after reading, about the type of trampoline they’re thinking purchasing. Maybe this will come as a surprise, but not every kind of trampoline is best for every kind of activity. They’re all made a little different and all with a specific purpose. Now, if you end up getting the wrong kind, it really isn’t the end of the world, but buying the correct one for the appropriate activity, will extend its life and performance and could potentially save you money. When doing your research, you will come across these types of trampolines:


While little and fun to play with, these trampolines are best used for cardio exercise. All trampolines provide immense health benefits, including: weight loss, immune boosting, better balance, and cardiovascular improvement. The little ones are easy to haul around and safe enough for seniors and those suffering from injury to use. Once again, even within this category, you’ll find different models that have different features.

 Backyard Giants

These huge and extremely fun trampolines are definitely health improving tools, however, you’ll see them being used more commonly for children and family activity. This type of trampoline has tons of different models and items that can be added to it, for safety purposes. It’s up to you to decide what will work best. However, if you have children, look carefully for details about spring quality. Constructing one of these bad boys might need additional tools. For each type, a tools list should be present.

Gymnastic and Training

There are a few major differences between Olympic style trampolines and general trampolines. One of the biggest differences is in cost alone. These large gymnastic tools are very pricey, the cost of the mat usually running over $1,000.00. They aren’t sold with any safety netting either and the finish of the mat doesn’t have any protection against UV rays. These trampolines are for indoor use and specifically designed for training and improving skill— and fun of course!

If you’ve decided to buy a trampoline for your backyard, or maybe you’re looking to add fun to your exercise routine, this blog will help you find the best trampoline for your needs. If you’re a gymnast needing a bit more information on your next purchase, here you’ll find detailed articles covering all you need to know about different models. Trampolines are wonderful and everyone should experience them at least once. For more information about trampolines and backyard games, please reach out.